The Winnipeg Police Service says suspects tried to choke, punch and spit on officers over the span of seven incidents during the May long weekend.

Police say each incident happened between May 17 and May 20, adding significant medical treatment wasn’t needed for officers or the accused in any case.

One incident happened around 3 a.m. Saturday as an officer was leaving police headquarters at 245 Smith Ave. The officer saw two males assaulting a third male and tried to intervene. Allegedly, one of the suspects was armed with a bottle and a second threatened the officer with a machete.

Police say the victim was able to get away and the officer went back to headquarters. Soon after, officers arrested the two suspects and charged them with assaulting a peace officer.

Later that morning, police say they faced a man armed with a hammer and knives as they responded to a domestic dispute in Point Douglas. The man reportedly tried to choke an officer as he was taken into custody.

On Monday around 8 a.m. officers from the guns and gangs unit stopped a suspect on St. Mary’s Road while investigating break-ins. The suspect allegedly tried to punch an officer as he was being arrested, then tried to head-butt and kick the officer once he was handcuffed. Police said he was also found to be concealing a knife. The 23-year-old man was charged with 12 offences and detained in custody.

Later Monday night, police say a man threated to kill officers after they found him drunk off hand sanitizer around Vaughan Street and Graham Avenue.

Under an hour later, cadets were reportedly spat on as they checked on a male sleeping around Higgens Avenue and Austin Street.

In total, eight people are charged with assaulting a peace officer.