Every winter, drivers in Winnipeg get ticketed and towed if they don't move their cars, when a residential snow clearing operation is underway. Now a Winnipeg man says the program, called Know Your Zone, is illegal, and people ticketed should get their money back.

Todd Dube, of Wise Up Winnipeg, is fighting a Know Your Zone ticket in court. The annual program divides the city into zones. Homeowners are notified through the media, online, and 311 when their zone is set to be plowed. But Dube says the city is violating the law, by not putting up signs to warn people.

"The city issues thousands of tickets a night during these things and say you know, people just aren't getting the message yet, well the message is the sign, that's what people expect to be looking for." said Dube.

Public works chair Janice Lukes says city lawyers are looking into Dube's argument. But she says because snow clearing can be deemed an emergency service, the city is likely on solid ground.

"My understanding is that the bylaw is passed that was passed does include a clause or a stipulation that in an emergency situation, such as snow removal, signage isn't required," said Lukes.

Dube claims the City of Winnipeg wants to quash the ticket in court so his case won't set a precedent if he wins. The case is scheduled for Wednesday morning.