The Polo Park Shopping Centre is bracing itself for a crush of people this weekend, when Apple will open its first store in the province.
Deborah Green, General Manager of the Polo Park Shopping Centre, expects a big turn-out.
"We're going to open the mall a little early on Saturday," she said, "just to help with their lines and if there's any crowds."
Apple Store openings in other Canadian cities have been mobbed the day of their opening, and Winnipeg will probably not be an exception, judging by early public response.
"It's about time we get some good stores," one shopper told CTV News.
"I'm pretty excited," said another shopper.
For years, Winnipeggers waited patiently for stores like IKEA, Sephora, and Apple to arrive. Now, they're all knocking at the city's door.
Getting new stores in Winnipeg isn't just fun for shoppers.  According to Dave Angus of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, it's also a great sign of a strong economy.
"It's a pretty big investment to make in a city when you're setting up a retail operation," said Angus.  "And so, obviously they have confidence in the size of the Winnipeg market and where we're headed."
That could mean more big name stores on the way for Winnipeg.
"We've got a few more on the way, but I can't let you in on those right now," said Green.
The Apple Store in Polo Park Shopping Centre officially opens its doors on Saturday at 9:30 AM.

- from a story by Jon Hendricks