Beautiful weather has returned to Winnipeg, but it's also revealed an ugly problem, litter.

Streets, sidewalks and fields are covered with a winter's worth of garbage.

"It has to be moved out of here, because it's just disgusting,” said Tom Ethans with Take Pride Winnipeg.

According to Take Pride Winnipeg, some areas of the city are worse than others.

Each year the non-profit organization does a city-wide litter survey. A score of one means almost no litter, four means a lot.

This year North Central Winnipeg is the worst with an average score of 2.85. The Northwest did not rank much higher, with an average score of 2.67.

Fort Rouge and Fort Garry also have litter problems, with a score of 2.51.

"It's embarrassing, we need to beautify our city," Ethans added.

The cleanest part of the city this year was Transcona – which is a big turnaround, as last year it was third worst.

Take Pride Winnipeg is hoping others will follow Transcona’s example and join Team Up to Clean Up.

The city said its loose litter cleanup is scheduled to begin mid-April.