The Winnipeg School Division said a trustee broke its Harassment Prevention Policy.

A formal complaint was made against Trustee Mike Babinsky to the WSD.

The employee alleged they were intimidated and humiliated by Babinsky. The person said they worried about their job security.

The WSD said behaviour that breached the policy included making comments over email to multiple people, in board meetings, and in conversation.

The WSD brought in a third-party investigator to examine the complaint.

On Monday, the Board of Trustees released a report about the incident and allowed Babinsky to respond.

The board passed a motion that required Babinksy to complete three activities by the end of the year.

The board said he must formally apologize to the employee, take a respectful workplace and/or anger management course, and undertake mediation if the complainant requests it. He must complete these activities by December 31. 2015.

“Trustees are held to a high standard,” said WSD Chair Mark Wasyliw, “It’s disrespectful to abuse authority and I hope Trustee Babinsky has learned from this situation.”

Babinky was also barred from Board of Trustees meetings for 30 days, between October 5th and November 2nd.

Wasyliw said the board will work with Babinsky to resolve the conflict.