WINNIPEG -- A Winnipeg senior was attacked inside her home on Saturday afternoon.

According to Linda Huynh, the victim’s daughter, an unknown woman kicked and banged at her mom’s front door in the 1100 block of Mountain Avenue. When Nho Huynh opened it, she was assaulted.

Linda said Nho then ran out of her house and screamed for help, but the woman followed her. Eventually a nearby resident came over to help and broke up the two women.

Nho suffered both physical and emotional injuries.

“We want to feel safe, but unfortunately we don’t,” Linda said,

“I think what we’ve decided is we’re going to start taking a look at maybe downsizing, because she does live here by herself. Realistically we’d feel a lot safer if we just voiced out what was going on and then the whole community was just all together.”

Winnipeg police confirmed they responded to an assault at Nho’s address, but said no arrests have been made.