WINNIPEG -- Starting on Friday, the city will be handling the mosquito problem in Winnipeg.

The city announced the fogging program will begin on July 3 at golf courses, public parks and open spaces at 9:30 p.m., weather permitting

The areas include:

  • Assiniboine Park;
  • Brookside Cemetery;
  • Charleswood Dog Park;
  • Crescent Drive Park;
  • Fraser Meadow Park;
  • Harbourview Park;
  • Harte Trail;
  • Kildonan Park;
  • Kildonan Park Golf Course;
  • Kings Park;
  • Maple Grove Park;
  • Marj Edey Park;
  • St. Vital Cemetery;
  • St. Vital Park; and
  • Windsor Park Golf Course.

The city said the decision to start fogging was made based on the Adulticiding Factor Analysis, which factors in trap counts and the city-wide rating.

"Mosquitoes tend to be in areas where there is a larger tree canopy, and a lot of our major parks are along river ways where there is higher humidity, so that's where they tend to congregate," said Ken Nawolsky, the superintendent of the city's insect control program.

The current city-wide rating has moved from medium to high and as of Thursday afternoon, the trap count is 44.

"Fogging occurs between 9:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. and will not happen when temperatures are below 13 degrees Celsius and/or wind speeds are not conducive to fogging. The insecticide DeltaGard 20EW will be used in accordance with federally approved label directions and will be applied by licensed applicators," the city said in a news release.

The city added it chose golf courses, public parks, and open spaces as trap counts are highest in those areas and the city hopes it won't need to do a city-wide fogging when those areas are done.

People can apply for a 90-metre buffer zone if they don't want the fogging near their property. Those looking to apply for a buffer zone can do so by filing a 311 online request or by emailing

"We are reminding homeowners to do their part, and to dump and drain any standing water containers so that it helps to minimize the adult mosquito population in Winnipeg," said Nawolsky.