WINNIPEG -- Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit a year ago, a lot of sad news stories have popped on people's social media timelines.

For many, the constant flow of negative news can become very draining, but one Winnipeg woman is trying to help spread good news to brighten people's days.

Jessica Dearborn is the founder of the Good News Letter, and she tries to share all the positive stories that she can find.

"I started the Good News Letter late last year. I found that me and my friends were constantly doomscrolling, it's what it felt like. There was no break in the feed it was just like doom and gloom," said Dearborn.

She said she wanted to provide a nice break for people on their timelines and emails so they didn't have to read another negative story.

Dearborn will gather good news stories that she finds throughout the week on all her social media platforms and saves them to her phone. Then every Sunday, she will sit down and piece them all together and send them for people to see.

She said it started off by just sending the newsletter to people she knew, but it has now grown.

"Now I have an Instagram page called Good News WPG."

Dearborn said while the project has received a lot of positive feedback, she is not trying to paint a picture that she only lives in a bubble that blocks out anything negative.

"I just really want to force a break in people's timelines and a break in people's doomscrolling and allow people to give themselves permission to read something good."

Since she has launched the Good News Letter, Dearborn said she has almost 200 subscribers, which amazes her, since she only started out with a few friends and family.

Moving forward, Dearborn hopes to collaborate with people to share their good news stories in their lives and also start to focus more on local businesses, makers and creators.