A Winnipeg woman says her lice business is so busy, she opened a hair salon to help people deal with the problem.

Slice of Lice salon owner, Sarah Phillips, used to have a mobile business.

But now she's opened up shop at 39 St. Mary's Road.

Phillips has a certificate in lice removal from Florida, it uses the Shepherd Method to rid the hair of lice.

She uses only natural products to get rid of the itchy bugs, and says the process is less stressful than having to deal with the issue on your own.

“You come in and I'll clean out your hair and take out the lice and remove everything, and check you again in a week,” said Phillips.

Phillips says she was trained as a hair dresser, and decided to start a lice removal business after her daughter got lice.

Each treatment takes about an hour, and Phillips will also check the hair of any relatives who come to the appointment.