The Winnipeg Youth Chorus will take the stage in the Big Apple for the U.S. premiere of a performance about the Holocaust.

“I Believe” is written by Winnipeg composter, Zane Zalis. He teaches with choir co-director Garth Rempel at Miles Macdonell Collegiate and recommended the chorus for the gig.

There are 38 youth from the chorus performing in New York City, along with 6 other students from Miles Macdonell Collegiate and some adult singers. Choir co-director Lisa Rempel says the performance is an opportunity for the youth to learn about a painful past.

"There's nothing for them to relate to. So this really brings that to the forefront. So the education for them about this is amazing," says Rempel.

Members of the choir look forward to sharing the emotional piece.

"It's kind of hard sometimes because you think of what people went through during it, and it's really sad," says grade seven student Emily Myers.

Eighteen year old Madison Wery agreed.

"It's very moving. To have something that is so close to my heart and so close to my own home and being able to take it where so many more people get to see it. And where this message actually gets to come across in a huge way," said Wery.

The choir will debut at the Lincoln Center on November 9thto a sold out audience.