WINNIPEG -- One Winnipegger has built a “puzzle exchange” to help her puzzle enthusiast parents stay entertained during the pandemic.

“(My parents) do a lot of thousand-piece puzzles,” said Josey Lynn, who created the puzzle exchange.

“I think they’ve gone through about one a week starting in about March. So it’s been a lot of puzzling since the pandemic hit.”

The way the exchange works is that people bring their puzzles to the puzzle exchange box and change it out for different ones.

Puzzle exchangeSource: Zachary Kitchen/CTV News

Lynn said she got the idea from seeing the book exchanges and free libraries that other people have in their yards.

“It was just a perfect way to do that, but with something that my parents like doing,” Lynn said.

“My mom loves puzzles.”

Lynn said the exchange brings a nice sense of community to the neighbourhood.

She noted her dad doesn’t leave the house but he enjoys seeing everyone come and exchange their puzzles. 

“He knows when they’ve been there multiple times. He gets very excited when he sees return people,” she said.

“It’s nice to see everybody come by the box and grab something and go on their way.”

The puzzle exchange box is located on Rowand Avenue in Winnipeg. Lynn noted there are no rules when it comes to the exchange.

“If you don’t have a puzzle, you can take one if you want to do one,” she said.

“If you have extra puzzles and you just want to drop them off, feel free to.”

Lynn said they are also going to build a second puzzle exchange box for children’s puzzles.