The August Long Weekend is one of the most popular times of the year for Winnipeggers to escape the city, but not everyone is able or wants to get away.

With the usual August Long Weekend migration to cottage country, shoppers were treated to easy parking and short lines at Ikea. The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce says to expect that summer slow down on long weekends.

“Most businesses might just adjust staff, knowing that this typically might be a slow time for them so they'll make those adjustments,” said president and CEO Chuck Davidson.

Some people are using their time off to tackle jobs around the house. “We had a deck project that we just completed and we're checking out some screening for it, the finishing touches,” said Rick Rickolien.

After a hard day's work around the yard or house, there are other ways to take advantage of staying in the city over the holiday. Patio space on Corydon Avenue is usually prime real estate on the weekend, but restaurant goers are having no trouble getting a table by the sidewalk

“Every time somebody goes away for the weekend, it's just less people in the city,” said patio-goer Jefferson Greaves.

“They want to go to their cabins, they want to go on their boats, and stuff like that so it's a lot easier to get on a patio for sure."

The folks at new eatery Mano A Mano thought the long weekend would be the perfect time to do a soft opening of their restaurant.

“People are going to stay in the city and people are going to come out, so we've had a little traffic, at the same time, it's been busy,” said manager Charles Garcia.

People staying in the city are also enjoying smaller crowds and less traffic at the forks, or using their long weekend to take a nice long walk.
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- With a report by Ben Miljure