Dozens of people gathered in Winnipeg on Saturday in support of peaceful protesters who were detained during demonstrations at the G20 summit in Toronto last month.

The rally began at the Winnipeg Chinese Cultural Centre on Saturday afternoon and ended at Old Market Square.

Organizers said they want a public inquiry into some of the tactics used against peaceful protesters. Another rally with the same aim was held in Winnipeg on July 1 and similar rallies were held in other cities on both occasions.

Members of local civil rights and social justice groups spoke out against the treatment of demonstrators during the protests.

Alanna Makinson, chair of the Canadian Federation of Students, said that what happened at the G20 was unlawful.

"It infringed on constitutionally protected rights. It should be acknowledged that was done and there should be justice for people who were violated, brutalized," Makinson said.

More than 900 people were arrested during the two-day summit, but only 263 people were charged with a breach of the peace.