Health Canada has issued a warning about smoking a type of incense that is similar to marijuana but can be bought legally from stores, including ones in Winnipeg.

The product is made of synthetic cannabinoids. It’s not meant for human consumption, but people are smoking it anyway and posting videos online, boasting about getting high.

Health Canada said the dangers of smoking it can include chest pain, seizures, acute psychosis and vomiting.

Kristen Aldrich said her friend experienced this.

“He thought the synthetic stuff would be similar to pot and it’s not even remotely similar. He took one hit and he fainted right there,” she said.

The product is sold in different flavours and the packet states it is not for human consumption.

But Aldrich says this isn’t how it’s being marketed.

“It’s being labeled as not for human consumption but marketed for human consumption, like in the way it’s bagged and everything,” said Aldrich.

Aldrich said it’s misleading and worry people could get hurt. She said she hopes people take the Health Canada warning seriously.

Health Canada said synthetic cannabinoids are a controlled substance, meaning the federal government categorizes it as having a higher than average potential for abuse or addiction.

- with a story by CTV's Alesia Fieldberg