The first of May brought a dusting of snow in Winnipeg following one of coldest Aprils on record.

April 2013 was the coldest one we’ve had in more than a hundred years. The last time April was that cold was in 1907, according to Environment Canada.

It’s a stark difference from a week ago when Winnipeggers could enjoy a drink on a patio and bask in the warmth of spring.

There are still signs that the season is turning. Patches of grass are visible in and birds are returning, but they are being overshadowed by cold temperatures, wind and snow.

“I'm just confused a bit because I was wearing my flats with no socks and now I'm wearing my winter jacket with a hoodie on,” said Reyna Domingo.

Spring storms are not actually that unusual. Back in 2004, Winnipeg was hit by almost 30 cm on May 11.

Meteorologist Natalie Hasell said changes in the atmosphere and ocean currents affect jet streams and how the air mass will flow. “It’s really just a coincidence in how things have lined up this year,” she said.

The weather is definitely having an impact on people. Construction worker Arnie Niessen said he's had to cut back on his hours because conditions make working difficult.

“It just makes it hard, backs everything up, hard to get the trucks in,” he said.

Owners at St. Mary's Nursery and Garden Centre have delayed shipments until it warms up.

“We haven't opened our greenhouses as fast as we normally would because we're keeping things a little cozier and layering some of the plants in places, but now we're gearing up. We are opening our greenhouses,” said Carla Hrycyna.

Hassell said the weather should start warming up again by the weekend.

- With a report by Ina Sidhu