As the City of Winnipeg continues with its residential snow plow operation, there are growing piles of ice and snow in neighbourhoods.

Mel Funnell said Tuesday the windrows left behind by plows are never cleaned away from the front driveways on her East Kildonan street.

"Disgusting. Because we have a lot of seniors left on this block, and they can’t really get out and do that and they have to pay someone to come out and do it for them,” she said.

But Funnell said she did manage to get her windrow plowed because her husband and a neighbour waved an operator over to their house and he took care of it.

Funnell said however, the operator didn't get to all the windrows on the street.

She believes everyone with a driveway should get the snow and ice cleared away.

"Because we pay taxes and it's a lot of work to do,” said Funnell. 

In St. James, business owner Leo Bai said a windrow blocks a big part of his driveway that people use to drop off snow blowers which need repair.

He contacted the city’s 311 line and said he was told if there is enough room for one vehicle to pass on his property, the job is done. Normally, he said there is space for three or four vehicles to drive in.

"Nobody helps me. I'm losing my business. People complain, ‘I can't access your parking lot,’” he said.

After CTV News showed Ken Allen, a public works communications officer with the city, the snow in front of Bai’s shop, he said he would be sending a snow inspector over to have a look.


CTV News caught up with city snow clearing crews in Lindenwoods.

Allen said according to the policy, plows clear away front driveway windrows, but can to leave up to 20 centimeters of snow.

He said sometimes the clearing of a windrow can be slightly delayed if equipment gets separated.

"Typically we clear the entire approach, however there may be some special situations," said Allen.

"If anyone has any concerns about snow clearing or if an approach has been missed or only partially cleared we want to know about," he added.

Allen encourages people with issues to call 311. If something needs to be fixed, he said the city will send a crew out.

The city does not clear windrows from back lanes and sidewalks.

Allen said the residential parking ban will be lifted Wednesday at 7 a.m.

That’s the time the residential plow operation will be completed.