WINNIPEG -- A Winnipeg woman was getting ready for a night out with her husband when things took a turn for the worse – a car hit her house.

It happened on Wednesday night. Erin Rebizant said a car driving down Harper Avenue blew through a neighbour's fence and smashed into her home. Rebizant said this is not the first time this sort of incident has happened in her neighbourhood, and she and her neighbours are getting fed up.

"Our tree was hit and they've actually had to replace the tree another time before that,” Rebizant told CTV News Winnipeg. “Before we owned the house, that fire hydrant has actually been replaced because it was run over."

Rebizant said she and her Windsor Park neighbours have called 3-1-1 several times asking to have curbs and speed bumps installed, but Rebizant said their requests never went anywhere.

Now Rebizant, along with her neighbours, is starting a petition in the hope it will spark some change to traffic in the area. Though St. Boniface Councillor Matt Allard said a petition doesn't always mean action will be taken.

"Chances are, even if the petition had been successful, after a review of the public works department, there may not have been a warrant for speed bumps to go in," Allard said. "There's a disconnect between what residents are asking for and what public works is able to recommend."

Allard said he’s waiting on a report that may recommend changes to how residents can get traffic calming solutions in their neighbourhoods.

The City of Winnipeg said due to the characteristics of the location on Harper Avenue, it will be reviewing the matter to determine if additional measures can be taken to calm traffic and improve road safety.