A Winnipeg woman is nursing physical and emotional injuries after an alleged assault at her medical clinic.

Vivian Ketchum arrived at the Access Medical Centre on Main Street at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday for an appointment.

She noticed two men in the waiting room who were dressed inappropriately for the bitter cold. Ketchum believes they came inside to warm up.

She said a security guard approached them and asked them to leave.

“His mannerism was threatening. And that’s why I figured I would take a picture of it. That’s the only way I could protect them and myself,” Ketchum said.

She said a receptionist saw her snap the photo and alerted the security guard.

Ketchum said he and another guard dragged her into the foyer of the clinic and demanded she delete the photos.

She said they tried to rip the phone from her hands.

“Both of them were fighting over the phone and we’re all struggling here and I think that’s when I fell backwards and I hit my head,” said Ketchum.

After the struggle, Ketchum ran to the mission she works at on Logan Avenue.

She said she passed out there from her head injury, and her boss called an ambulance to take her to the hospital.

“I have a soft tissue injury in my left shoulder and I have a slight concussion,” Ketchum said.

She said she’s scared to go back to her doctor at the clinic.

“Physical injuries will go away in a day or two but what happened to me emotionally, mentally, is going to take a lot longer to get over,” said Ketchum.

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority confirmed it is investigating the incident, and invited Ketchum to share her experience directly with the organization.

The WRHA said photos and filming of staff or clients are not allowed in any facilities. It said it is policy for security to approach anyone taking photos or film and ask them to delete it or leave.

However the WRHA said it is not policy to take people’s personal property.

The WRHA said that security guards who work at the Access Community Centre on Main Street on contracted through G4S Services, and complaints are addressed in collaboration with that company.

The Winnipeg Police Service also said it is investigating the incident. Police said no charges have been laid at this time.