It appears someone has been dumping fish into the outdoor pond at the Millennium Public Library. Earlier this week, Erin Cornelius took home hundreds fish from the pond.

She says a friend posted on Facebook that the fish were flapping with no water, so she went down to the pond with boots and a bucket and collected the fish. She says people dump unwanted fish in the pond, even though there is a sign telling people not to put fish in the pond.

“Obviously, it's not working,” said Cornelius.

Cornelius says she would rather see the library seek the public's help on this issue. Because all of the water is gone at the Millennium Library, the fish can no longer live there.

She's now trying to find homes for all the fish. CTV contacted city officials, who said they are collecting fish they know are property of the city.

So far, about 50 fish have been spoken for, but there are many more.