A woman has been sentenced to five years for an assault in Winnipeg on a baby two years ago.

Nikita Eaglestick pleaded guilty in the spring for the September 2009 attack. A 13-month-old child had been taken from a residence in the 100 block of Gilbert Avenue and beaten.

Eaglestick admitted to smashing Vanessa Houle's face repeatedly into a sidewalk.

During sentencing, Eaglestick was granted a two-for-one credit for time served, which leaves her one year in custody.

Vanessa Houle's mother told CTV News she fears the day Eaglestick is released.

"(Vanessa) was a little baby. What could she do if she were to go to her cousin's place and sees a baby? And all of a sudden, (she) starts drinking and takes the baby. Maybe next time the baby will end up dying," said Daisy Houle.

Eaglestick was drunk at the time of the attack and released on bail only three days earlier.

In pleading guilty, she admitted that she would have killed the child if a neighbour hadn't heard her cries.

In sentencing, Justice Deborah McCawley told court she has no doubt the accused is genuinely remorseful, but also offered cautionary words.

"Ms. Eaglestick poses a serious risk to public safety and must be separated from society," said McCawley.

The court heard how Eaglestick has a mental disability and struggles with alcoholism.

Parole documents indicate that Eaglestick is the daughter of a pastor and her parents didn't drink.

Eaglestick, meanwhile, picked up the bottle at age 15.

"It appears substance abuse has defined her life ever since," said the judge.

Vanessa Houle, who is now three years old, has recovered from the attack and has now started pre-school.

"Now she's healthy. And she's really smart…and she can probably already go to school and be the smartest in her class," said Daisy Houle.

After Eaglestick is released, she will spend three years on probation. During that time, she's not allowed to have contact with anyone under the age of 14.

She will also be under a weapon and substances ban.

- with a report from CTV's Stacey Ashley