A Manitoba woman who is grieving the loss of her dog worries a rash of serious pet illnesses in her community may have been caused by poison.

RCMP are investigating the incidents in the Rural Municipality of La Broquerie, Man., about an hour south east of Winnipeg.

Rosalie Stelmack said she made a report to police after her dog Buster died unexpectedly earlier this week.

"My daughter called me and said he's throwing up a lot of blood, a lot of blood, and I was like, 'Oh my God," Stelmack told CTV News.

Stelmack said she rushed Buster to the vet and was later told he was poisioned, either with antifreeze or rat poison.

The family decided to end his suffering, and the next day Stelmack said she found a piece of meat that looked like a piece of jerky on her property.

She also spoke with neighbours and discovered a total of seven pets got sick on her street, and her neighbour had found more meat a few doors down, in a ditch.

Stelmack was also told another seven area pets got sick after visiting a nearby park, and all 14 of the incidents took place between January and April.

With that information, she made the report to RCMP.

Other pet owners in the area are now on high alert.

"I'm very worried about my dogs. especially this dog because he spends a lot of time outside. He normally doesn't wander when we're not home. but you never know," said Monique Soulard.

Stelmack, who got Buster as a puppy around a decade ago, has already got a tattoo of his name to remember him by.

"I don't want to see any other animals suffer like that," she said. "And I want it to be stopped."

RCMP and Animal Welfare are investigating.

Anyone with information or who had a similar experience is asked to contact 204-326-4452 or Crime Stoppers.

-With files from CTV's Beth Macdonell