WINNIPEG -- Hundreds gathered in Winnipeg Nov. 3 to show support for survivors of human trafficking.

"People are trafficked, young people are trafficked every day in this country, every day in Manitoba, and so we're trying to get that education out so that the youth are safe,” said Joy Smith the event organizer.

A gathering at the Fort Gary Hotel Sunday put on by the Joy Smith Foundation aimed to recognize survivors of human trafficking and heroes who are working to put an end to the crime.

The foundation recognized the work of four individuals who work every day to combat human trafficking.

Throughout the afternoon survivors shared their stories.

Nicole was one of those people.

“I'd say the signs to look for are a man who takes sudden interest in you, a man who you know is telling you a lot of things that are trying to pump up your self-esteem a little bit," she said.

She said some girls are being targeted as early as 14 and 15 and it’s important to watch for the signs.