WINNIPEG -- Manitoba is reporting 491 new COVID-19 cases one day after reporting a record one-day total of 560 cases.

The numbers, released Friday, bring the total number of COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic to 44,189. Two previously announced cases were removed due to a data correction.

No deaths were reported on Friday, leaving the death toll at 1,002.

The five-day test positivity rate across Manitoba is 11.8 per cent.

The majority of the newly announced cases were in Winnipeg, where 328 new cases were reported. The Southern Health Region reported 88 new cases, the Interlake-Eastern region reported 41 new cases, 24 cases were reported in the Prairie Mountain Health Region, and 10 were reported in the Northern Health Region.

Manitoba reported 239 people in hospital due to COVID-19. Of those patients, 179 people have active COVID-19 cases, while 60 people are no longer infectious, but still need care.

There are 50 patients in ICU with active COVID-19 cases, while 17 people no longer have active COVID-19 cases, but still need care.

There are 4,163 active COVID-19 cases, and 39,024 people have recovered.

Variants of concern make up more than half of Manitoba’s active cases, with 2,144 active variant cases. The province said 3,438 people with variants have recovered.

The B.1.1.7 variant remains the dominant variant of concern case in Manitoba, with 2,876 cases. A total of 2,672 cases are unspecified.

There have been 39 reported cases of the P1 variant, and 24 cases of the B.1351 variant in Manitoba as of Friday.