A problem in Brandon schools is no longer up in the air.

Monday evening, Brandon School Division trustees voted unanimously in favour to move forward with a scent-free policy motion.

School board chair Mark Sefton says some students going overboard with body sprays are irritating people with allergies or sensitivities.

Axe body spray is one of the products causing concerns.

Some staff, students and parents have complained about the issue, saying it impedes the learning process.

Some students who spoke to CTV News Monday had mixed responses, with some supporting a ban while others deemed it unneccesary.

An official with Axe issued a statement Monday afternoon.

"The issue of scents and a person's odour is extremely subjective and virtually impossible to enforce. Many products contain fragrance and it is important for everyone to exercise care around those with sensitivities. Ultimately, we believe that matters like this are best left to school administrators and parents to decide," said Sara Doucet from Axe Body Sprays.

The school division will now consult with parents and students to decide which products to include in the ban.

The division-wide policy in Brandon would likely take effect in early 2014.