WINNIPEG -- City crews arrived at two tent encampments Thursday morning to tear down the structures it says have caused safety risks.

Those living in the camps along Henry Avenue and Martha Street were seen loading their belongings into shopping carts, as a front-end loader and dump truck arrived on the scene to destroy what had been their homes for the past few months.

"It sucks," said Kyle, who has been living in the area for the past year, who said his time living there was good. “I got to express myself freely."

Kyle said he had been at the encampment for the past year.

The city trucks hauled away anything that was left in the area.

The decision to tear the camps down comes after a ceremonial teepee set up for shelter in the area burned down on Tuesday.

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The city said it's only through "extraordinarily good fortune" that no one has been seriously injured or died at the encampments.

The city added it will be working with Main Street Project and other social outreach programs to provide alternative shelter for those displaced.