WINNIPEG -- A coyote caught the country’s attention after waking up in the car that had hit it earlier. Now the furry canine is on the mend, an animal rescue shelter said.

The Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre took in the coyote at the end of November after it was hit by a car on a Manitoba Highway.

The shelter told CTV News the man who had hit the coyote didn’t know what to do with it, and so not wanting to leave it on the road – the man put the unconscious coyote in his car.

When he finished work and walked to his car – he found the coyote wide awake.

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The Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre said in the days following the animal’s ordeal – it has become famous across Canada and the U.S., withmany people calling in to see how the coyote is doing.

“The Coyote is slowly healing from her injuries,” the centre said in a written statement. “She is eating well which is a good sign. We will continue to assess her condition and adjusting her care plan as needed.”

 -With files from CTV's Kayla Rosen