WINNIPEG -- Manitobans are being warned of the dangers of bringing animals into their cars, after a driver carried an unconscious coyote into his car, which woke up hours later.

According to the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre they received the coyote on Nov. 27 after it was hit by a car on a Manitoba highway.

Eli Boroditsky, the driver involved in the collision, found the animal unconscious, brought it into his car and went to work. His coworker told CTV News Winnipeg that when the man arrived at work for his night shift, they began to make calls right away to have the coyote picked up, but didn’t get a hold of anyone until the morning.

According to the rehab centre, the coyote eventually woke up and was found sitting in the car’s seat. 

The driver finally got in contact with Manitoba Conservation who helped get the animal out of the car safely and brought it to the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre.

Zoe Nakata is the centre's executive director.  She said the coyote is in relatively good condition considering what happened to her. 

"She just had a pretty harsh trauma to her head, so it'll take a little bit of time to recuperate from that, but otherwise she's doing really well.  She had a bit of a gash on her face and on her leg that are healing nicely at this point, " Nakata said.

Manitobans are reminded that if they find a large or potentially dangerous animal on the road, to not try to place it openly in a car, but instead contact the Wildlife Haven or Manitoba Conservation.