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Eagle-eyed Manitobans spot birds migrating back home


A sure sign that spring is around the corner is the migration of birds back to Manitoba – including bald eagles.

The majestic birds have already been spotted across the province, including in Winnipeg.

According to FortWhyte Alive group services manager Barret Miller, it’s not unusual for eagles to begin their migration back to Manitoba anywhere from mid-February to mid-March.

Miller said the birds follow food and wind conditions in their trek home.

“We're seeing their first food come back north, and there's a big push from the wind,” he said. “So it sort of made sense for some of those eagles to start making an appearance here in the Red River Valley and points north over the last couple of days.”

Miller also said it means Manitobans will also see more geese and ducks, especially near Lake Winnipeg.

“It has a lot of food in it, it has a lot of food that ends up out of it,” Miller said. “And the eagles will clean that up.”

For those who might spot a bald eagle in their neighbourhoods, Miller said it’s important to remember they are a protected species.

“It's best to observe at a distance so you're not interfering with them,” he said, adding people should avoid offering eagles food. Top Stories

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