Nearly a week after the violent killing of 17-year-old Jaime Adao, his family is calling for change and justice.

Jaime Adao was killed Sunday, March 3, on McGee Street when police say an attacker broke into their home and assaulted him with a weapon.

On Friday his parents, members of the Winnipeg Police Service and members of the community met in an open forum at Maples Collegiate.

“We need justice, that’s what we’re crying for, justice, justice for Jimboy” said Adao’s mother Imelda.

Adao’s parents Jim & Imelda are calling for the community to come together and make a change.

“Even in our house, even in our own house, it’s not safe anymore,” said Adao’s father Jim.

“If we will unite, this will be a very successful event, let’s do it please, let’s support our city, let’s make this a better place to live,” added Imelda.

Adao’s family gathered and spoke during the open forum organized by the 204 Neighbourhood Watch Group.

“I think the first thing that we have to do is that the community has to insert their effort in making sure all the incidents has to be reported,” said Rodel Olesco, a member of the 204 Neighbourhood watch group.

“Some of these people aren’t feeling safe right now and it may take a long time for them to feel safe again. But with the support of the community they will feel safe again,” added Danny Smyth, Winnipeg Police Chief.

The 204 watch group is hoping Friday’s forum will help create a safer Winnipeg for all families.

The suspect remains in hospital and police continue to investigate the homicide.