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'Feels like you're back home': Nigerian culture on display at market


Winnipeg's Nigerian community came together to give people a taste of their culture on Saturday.

The Naija Market Day took over Soul Sanctuary, showcasing jewelry, music, and street cuisine.

"What you see inside is how we do our market the local way," said Abiodun Adetu, who organized the market with the Nigerian company, Babsomo Communications. "It's not the same thing as going to Walmart or Superstore. There's something about the energy, about the friendship, about the community that you get at the market.

"In Nigeria you go to the market to do your shopping, you go there to get your deals, and that's exactly what we are doing here."

The market featured more than 60 vendors from the Nigerian community in Manitoba, including food, clothing, as well as hair and beauty.

"There are items that I haven't seen in well over two years, and this is just very nostalgic for us, you know, to see things that we grew up with back home being replicated here, like several millions of miles far away from home," said Oluwaseun Adewolu, a committee member of the event.

Taiwo Aromasodu, vice president of the Nigerian Association of Manitoba, said the market helps connect people in the community.

"You now feel like a family," he said. "You feel like you're back home."

Winnipeg's Nigerian community sits at approximately 10,000 people according to Adetu.

Aromasodu said they plan to hold another market in the future. Top Stories

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