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'Just feels worse': Tips for dealing with grief during the holidays


Though the holiday season is a time of joy and festive fun for many people, for others it can be a time of intense sadness and grief.

According to motivational speaker and life coach Sylvia Marusyk, this time of year can be especially hard because it involves rituals and traditions that may serve as a reminder of a loved one who has died.

“Their absence is just more acute. It just feels worse,” she said in an interview with CTV Morning Live on Monday.

To deal with this type of pain, Marusyk recommends against holding in your emotions and tears.

“Part of what tears are so helpful in doing is settling the nervous system and moving us into our rest and (restoring the) nervous system,” she said.

“We have tear ducts for a reason.”

She added that people should try and talk about their loved ones, and honour their life and legacy.

Watch the video above to hear more about how to cope with grief over the holidays.

- With files from CTV’s Rachel Lagace. Top Stories

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