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NDP promise to rebuild Brandon community centre


Manitoba's NDP party is promising to rebuild a Brandon community centre if elected this October.

Party leader Wab Kinew was in Brandon Sunday, pledging to rebuild the Park Community Centre he becomes Manitoba's next premier.

"This is an important community centre to people in Brandon for many reasons, but to me it's always good to come back because we usually have some good barbecues here," said Kinew at the announcement.

The City of Brandon has been struggling to find the money needed to renovate the community centre. An application for funding to the Manitoba Government was rejected.

The Manitoba NDP are promising to invest up to $1 million to rebuild the Park Community Centre. Plans for the new building would include a new childcare centre. Kinew said his government would work with the city and the community to design a space that best serves the needs of the community. 

"The Manitoba NDP is a party of builders, and we look forward to building a new community centre here," Kinew said.

Manitobans go to the polls on October 3. Top Stories

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