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New Anti-Racism in Sport Accord focused on making sports safe for all

File photo. (Markus Spiske/Pexels)
File photo. (Markus Spiske/Pexels)

A new Anti-Racism in Sport Accord was launched on Thursday, which has the goal of ensuring sports are safe place for all people.

The accord was launched on the one-year anniversary of the start of the Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign.

"Throughout the campaign, we have heard many stories of ongoing racism in sport in Winnipeg," said Daria Jorquera Palmer, a project consultant for the campaign, in a news release.

"By signing the Accord, organizations are taking steps to intentionally address racism that exists within the sport community and actively engage in anti-racism action."

The accord is designed to help organizations work toward being anti-racist and has set aside several commitments it will help address.

The first commitment is education and training. Organizations with the accord will be able to take part in yearly workshops, and the accord will provide support to officials to address racist behaviours within their organizations.

The second commitment is focused on accountability, with the accord enforcing a zero tolerance anti-racism policy. The accord will address every racist incident, install a reporting mechanism and record racial incidents within an organization.

The third commitment is awareness and action, with the focus of making a safe and inclusive space for all people.

This means the accord will collect race-based data every year, have more representation at all levels, fund anti-racism programs and be an advocate in the sport system.

The accord is looking for all sports organizations in the province to sign on. So far there are 30 organizations that have joined.

"The Goldeyes are proud to have been included in the development of the Accord. We look forward to signing this very important document and continuing to promote a spirit of inclusiveness throughout our organization," said Andrew Collier, the general manager of the Winnipeg Goldeyes, in a news release.

The president and CEO of Sport Manitoba said it's important that all Manitobans can participate in sport.

"We are grateful to the Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign for challenging our organization to participate in anti-racism training, rework our policies, and advocate for real change that will benefit athletes, coaches, volunteers, officials and the broader sport community for years to come," said Janet McMahon in a news release. Top Stories

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