WINNIPEG -- A quick Christmas fundraiser to give care home residents poinsettias doubled the organizer's expectations.

Evana Popovich, a 3rd-year nursing student, wanted to spread some holiday cheer. She called up her old boss at volunteer services and asked what she could do the help.

The answer - poinsettias. 

Popovich made a poster asking for donations on Facebook and Instagram.

"It took off like wildfire," she said. "In less than 24 hours, I reached my goal."

The original goal of $350, one flower per resident at Bethania Mennonite Personal Care Home, was smashed quickly.

After almost $800 in donations, Popovich was able to buy 14 eight-inch poinsettias, 16 6.5-inch poinsettias and three large wreaths.

"I was shocked," Popovich said. "I was originally worried I wouldn't make my goal." 

Dianne Nixdorf, the director of therapeutic recreation at the care home, said the gesture was very well received.

"I had the opportunity to take some down to the residents and they thought they were beautiful," she said. "When I told them about the fundraiser and where they came from, they thought Evana was so wonderful."

Residents in the home are encouraged to stay in their rooms to limit the spread of COVID-19.

"It’s difficult for them and it's difficult for families," said Nixdorf. "Typically around the Christmas season there's so much activity involving family and sharing memories."

Knowing she helped spread a little cheer at the place she once volunteered at is very special to Popovich.

"I really just wanted to give back to a community that gave back to me so much and helped me become who I am today," she said.

-With files from CTV’s Rachel CrowSpreadingWings