WINNIPEG - Winnipeg police said they will release more information Tuesday morning about an officer-involved shooting that shut down Academy Road Monday night.

The incident prompted the closure of the busy road in River Heights. It was re-opened to traffic as of 5 a.m. Tuesday.

Police said they were called to the area of Academy Road around 6 p.m.

Academy was blocked off between Ash and Oak Streets and shattered glass and debris could be seen on the road within the police tape.

Nearby, officers were holding a scene in a back alley beside Brock-Corydon School where an SUV had crashed into a fence.

Police did not confirm the two scenes were related Monday night, only saying that an investigation was taking place in the area.

Note: A story with updated details on this incident is available here: Police cars involved in 3 crashes Monday, including 1 that drew gunfire from officer

Police presence on Academy Road

A heavy police presence on Academy Road in Winnipeg on Nov. 11, 2019. (Source: Gary Robson/ CTV News Winnipeg)