Their tour must go on. Starfield, the Winnipeg Christian rock band, is back in their hometown after a tumultuous week. At their Abbotsford B.C. concert on April 25, the floor collapsed.

Several people were injured - some seriously.

It was their second stop on a Canada wide tour. The band was performing its second song of the night when the floor literally fell out underneath the crowd, sending concert-goers into a gaping hole.

The collapse happened over a week ago but the memory is still vivid for the bands front man Tim Neufeld.

"I've had about a week to process it and we've shed a lot of tears and spent a lot of time praying and thinking about those that are injured," Neufeld said. He was at Springs Church Saturday afternoon - preparing for the band's evening show.

"Myself and the bass player kind of jumped in the hole and started recruiting people to pull," he told CTV News.

About 40 people were injured at the concert; two are still in hospital, one woman with a spinal cord injury.

It wasn't an easy decision to continue on with the tour. The band did postpone two stops, but ultimately decided the show must go on.

"I feel really blessed. We've had a lot of outpouring of people all over the world just surrounding us and the stuff that happened," Neufeld said. "I'm grateful for it but feel we don't need it as much as those in the middle of it."

Starfield won't be in Winnipeg for long. The next stop on their Canadian tour will take them to London, Ontario.