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University of Winnipeg reveals student, faculty data stolen in cyber attack


The University of Winnipeg has revealed data was likely stolen from a server containing sensitive, personal information of current and former students, employees and faculty in a recent cyber attack.

That leak likely includes bank account information, names, social insurance numbers, street addresses, gender and marital status of some of the groups affected.

According to a news release, not all groups were affected by the same factors. The full list of people impacted can be found here.

The attack, which the university said happened in the week before March 24, has delayed the semester and shut down many of the university’s services for a short time. They are offering credit-monitoring services for a two-year period for those likely affected.

“This is a service that allows one to check for signs of identity fraud so protective action can be taken,” the statement said. “Enrolling in the credit monitoring service provides you with excellent protection as you can ensure you receive an alert immediately if anyone attempts to open a credit account in your name.”

The investigation into the cyber attack continues, and law enforcement and the Manitoba Ombudsman have been informed.

“Our community has been subject to a cyber crime. It is disturbing that higher education institutions like the University and other public sector organizations are being targeted by cyber attacks. This has been a terrible incident that has directly impacted our community, and for that we are deeply sorry,” the university said in a statement. “Rest assured that we will carefully consider the results of our investigation with a commitment to emerge from this incident with stronger cyber defences.”

More information, including resources for students, can be found on the University of Winnipeg's website.

The university will begin sending out enrollment codes in the coming days by mail and email. They urge all those who may be affected by the breach to update their addresses at or email if a code is not received in the next two weeks. Top Stories

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