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Winnipeg parking ban lifted, highways start to reopen after spring snowstorm

April 13 April 13

After a days-long spring storm that closed businesses, schools and left many Manitobans stuck at home, some Manitoba highways are now open.

In Winnipeg, the extended snow route parking ban, in place since Thursday, has now been lifted, according to the city.

The city’s latest snow update said a major city-wide snow clearing operation is in progress beginning with priority one streets. Those include regional streets and adjacent sidewalks along with active transportation paths. Those will be followed by priority two streets like bus routes and collector streets.

The city said sanding and salting of roads and bridges is ongoing as required.

In other parts of the province, highways are beginning to reopen.

The following are now open:

  • Highway 1, from Brandon to Saskatchewan Border
  • Highway 3, from Highway 34 to Melita
  • Highway 5, from US Border to Glenboro
  • Highway 10, from US Border to Minnedosa
  • Highway 18, from US Border to Highway 2
  • Highway 21, from US Border to Hartney
  • Highway 23, from Highway 5 to Highway 21
  • Highway 3, from Carman to Sperling
  • Highway 13, from Elm Creek to Highway 1
  • Highway 14, from Highway 75 to Highway 3
  • Highway 23, from Highway 75 to Highway 5
  • Highway 1 east, from Winnipeg to Highway 11
  • Highway 16, from Highway 50 to Highway 1
  • Highway 10, from Minnedosa to Highway 45
  • Highway 16, from Minnedosa to Highway 352
  • Highway 16 from Westbourne to Gladstone
  • Highway 50 from Highway 16 to Silver Ridge
  • Highway 68 from The Narrows to Highway 5,
  • Highway 278 from Highway 68 to Silver Ridge 
  • Highway 3A from Crystal City to Highway 3
  • Highway 457 from Brandon to PR 340  
  • Highway 2 from Glenboro to Haywood
  • Highway 3 from Carman to Highway 34
  • Highway 10 from Highway 45 to Clear Lake
  • Highway 13 from Elm Creek to Carman
  • Highway 16 from Newdale to Foxwarren,
  • Highway 21 from Highway 24 to Oakburn
  • Highway 45 from Oakburn to Highway 10
  • Highway 83 from Highway 16 to Miniota 
  • Highway 2 from Highway 100 to Elm Creek
  • Highway 2 from Glenboro to Souris 
  • Highway 5 from Glenboro to Neepawa

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