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WRHA offering meningococcal vaccine clinics for children


The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is offering meningococcal vaccine clinics to further protect young children from the disease.

Previously, one-year-olds received vaccine protection for one strain of meningococcal bacteria.

Now the province is offering an updated vaccine which protects against four different strains.

“It’s a bacteria that many of us carry in the backs of our noses. However, at times people can become infected with meningococcal disease and get really, really sick, requiring hospitalization, and then one-in-10 cases, even death with treatment.” said Dr. Lerly Luo, Medical Officer of Health with Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

The quadrivalent vaccine is routinely used for children in Grade 6 - but it’s the first time younger children in Manitoba have been able to access it. The quadrivalent is now being recommended for infants who are turning one, and Luo says the province is offering a “free catchup opportunity” for all children born between Jan. 1 2020 and Feb. 28 2023.

Meningococcal disease can cause swelling of the brain, and affect all ages. However, children under five have the greatest risk of experiencing severe illness which can lead to brain damage, developmental delays, and long-term disability.

“The vaccines strengthen our immune system and help to prevent severe disease and complications,” said Luo.

Multiple public clinics will be offered throughout WRHA from April to May.

Upcoming clinics are posted online and appointments  can be made by calling 1-844-626-8222. Walk-ins are also accepted.

The vaccines are available from family doctors and pediatricians.

WRHA is also offering measles vaccines at the public clinics for those not yet up to date. Top Stories

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