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What gorgeous day Tuesday is shaping up to be across Manitoba! Here in the south, we’ll see sunshine and daytime highs climbing into the mid-teens. To the north, several regions will also enjoy temperatures rising into the low double digits with the sun. Enjoy it, though, because conditions will change drastically by Wednesday. We’ll wake up with cloudy skies as rain starts falling in the south. The southwest should get much more than in the southeast. Brandon could see 20-30 mm while Neepawa could receive 25 mm before changing to snow, falling heavily, at times, in the evening. Five mm of rain is expected to start falling in Winnipeg by tomorrow afternoon. Areas to the south of the city could see closer to 10-15 mm. The soaking looks like it will continue with more rain on Thursday. By Friday, a cold front passing through with this system could mean the rain that day in Winnipeg could change to wet snow. But…the sunshine should break back out just in time for the weekend.