WINNIPEG -- The Assiniboine Park Steam Train is facing some financial struggles this summer.

According to the train’s owner, a combination of the hot weather and lack of tourism has been hurting business at the Manitoba attraction.

In order for the train to break even, it needs a minimum of 12 people per ride, but public health restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is making this difficult to achieve.

For now, the plan is to take things day by day.

“The bottom line is this train is not subsidized, it’s never had any government funding. Some people have given donations, I really appreciate that of course, but ridership is the most important thing to support this train you have to ride it,” said Timothy Buzunis, operator of the Assiniboine Park Steam Train.

Anyone who wants to book a spot on the train, should call and leave a message. If they don’t get a call back, then the train isn’t running that day.

The train normally operates between noon and 6 p.m.