The Belgian Club said Wednesday the organization does not feel equipped to participate in Folklorama on the heels of a meeting of the Canadian Nationalist Party at the club.

On Saturday, a protest was held during the meeting of the anti-immigration organization that advocates for reduced multiculturalism, and an exchange between a protester and a club board member who expressed opinions about not being able to get a job without being a visible minority was recorded.

The board member later resigned and the club apologized.

It its statement Wednesday, the Belgian Club reiterated that the views expressed by the now-former board member were not representative and said the booking for the Canadian Nationalist Party meeting was taken by a junior staff member who did not realize what the party represents.

“We realized too late that this group did not represent the views of this Club,” the statement said, adding that the club is “is filled with members whose fathers and grandfathers fought and died in both the First and Second World Wars fighting against fascism and the Nazis to defend democracy and human rights both abroad and here in our own country.”

It said the club and its Folklorama volunteers will take the year off to reflect on recent events and will review policies for accepting outside bookings.

Further information about the Canadian Nationalist Party policies can be found at

With files from CTV's Sarah Plowman