Premier Greg Selinger said on Wednesday the Bombers will continue as a community-owned team, which appears to run counter to a previous plan for businessman David Asper to take the team over with a new stadium deal.

"There will be a large role for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers as a community-owned team," said Selinger.

In recent weeks, news of cost-overruns for the project saw projected costs for the Bomber stadium deal soar from the original price of $115 million to more than $160 million.

On Tuesday, Selinger said the plans to build the stadium will move forward with the major players, including the Blue Bombers, the city, provincial government and the university.

Last week, speculation surfaced that Asper could decide to remove himself from the deal and the stadium could then become community owned.

Selinger spoke briefly about Asper's involvement on Tuesday.

"Mr. Asper's role will be clarified when we do the final announcement but what I think (what) you will see, for sure, is a stronger role for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers," said Selinger.