Manitoba Finance Minister Stan Struthers told CTV News Manitobans can expect modest revenue increases, along with some job cuts in today's provincial budget.

Struthers said the province is eliminating six of its 11 regional health authorities -- something that's expected to save the province $10 million.

Struthers said the move will let it put money into front-line services, instead of administration.

About 30 to 35 jobs will be eliminated.

Manitobans can also expect fee and tax hikes as the government looks to generate more money to try to erase a billion-dollar deficit in two years, and balance the books.

Struthers says there will be an increase to gas taxes, which will be directed into infrastructure.

There's also a change to help small business that's sure to excite shoppers, as the province plans to relax Sunday shopping hours.

A poll by the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce showed 63 per cent of respondents were in favour of longer Sunday shopping hours.