Health Canada announced on Friday that the country will have an adequate amount of epinephrine auto-injectors after Pfizer Canada reported a possible shortage of its 0.3 mg format EpiPen.

On Thursday Pfizer said it may experience “supply constraints” in the coming months.

It said the EpiPen is still shipping to Canada, but out of caution, it’s managing the available supply of the item in order to “support the provision of EpiPen 0.3 mg auto-injectors to patients across the country and avoid stocking-out during the upcoming high demand back to school season.” This shortage does not impact EpiPen Jr.

 Health Canada said Canadians’ needs will continue to be met because an interim order of an alternative auto injector, Auvi Q, is in effect and this product will remain available.

Health Canada also said it will bring in an additional supply if it needs to.

“Our continuing priority is a consistent and sustainable supply of authorized auto-injectors that meets the needs of Canadians over the long term,” it said in a statement.