A debate is raging at Winnipeg City Hall on lowering speed limits on residential streets.

Delegations from the Green Action Centre, Bike Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Trails Association called on the city’s infrastructure committee to lower the current 50-kilometre standard on residential streets, arguing the change would reduce both collisions with pedestrians and cyclists, as well as fatalities.

The city’s administration said it first needs to come up with a process to alter speeds to prevent arbitrary changes. The committee endorsed the request.

Coun. Vivian Santos voted in opposition saying there’s no reason the city couldn’t move to 40 kilometres now.

The city’s administration said an immediate change would create pushback from drivers and suggested a pilot project could be done first.

Santos argued no trial period is required, pointing to the 30-kilometre speed limit in elementary school zones, which exists now.

Due to a change by the provincial government, municipalities can now set their own speed limits.