An inquest into the shooting death of an indigenous man by Winnipeg Police is facing further delays.

Craig McDougall was shot and killed in August 2008 after police said he refused to drop a knife.

The inquest was scheduled to start on Monday, eight years after the shooting, but the Crown has concerns about one eyewitness who changed their position on the events that unfolded that night.

The Crown told court the witness' description is different from a statement originally given to police.

The Crown said it will need to take a new statement from that witness.

Indigenous leaders called on the province to hold an inquest after McDougall's death, but the province didn't call one until August of 2013.

The Crown said "a perfect storm" of every possible delay lead to the hold-up.

Lawyer Corey Shefman said his client Brian McDougall, Craig's father, is concerned with the long delays.

Shefman told court family members want answers about what happened that night.

“We’ve been waiting for eight years. For eight years we haven’t had answers,” said Brian in a statement.

“This inquest is our first chance to get answers and I’m looking forward to hearing all of the evidence and the recommendations that the judge will make at the end. I don’t want what happened to our family, to happen to any other family.”

The inquest has been adjourned until next Monday morning.

Read the full statement from Brian McDougall: