WINNIPEG -- The province announced on Thursday that when school returns, it will be strongly recommended that students in grades 5 to 12 wear a mask.

Many parents and teachers are happy with the new rule, but some feel it doesn't go far enough.

Candice Arnold has kids in grades 4 and 6 and she said both will be wearing masks.

"I think the province should have gone fully on board and not just recommended but mandated masks. I'm not sure why they only said grades 5 and up," said Arnold.

Alan Campbell, who is the president of the Manitoba School Boards Association, said that is one of the most frequently asked questions by parents.

Due to this, the Manitoba Teachers' Society (MTS) is calling on the province to make masks mandatory for everyone.

"This government didn't go far enough. We are calling on the government to mandate masks for all students K to 12. All staff, all parents, all visitors to schools in Manitoba," said Nathan Martindale, who is the vice-president of the MTS.

However, Campbell believes people will follow the strong recommendation the same as if their own doctor told them to do it.

"Your physician is strongly recommending you wear masks and therefore that is what we are doing in schools," said Campbell.

As for Arnold and her kids, she fears some students won't adhere to the recommendations.

"I'm concerned that some of their classmates won't and they will get teased, but bullying is a different issue. The safety of them and their classmates outweighs any risk of them getting teased," said Arnold.