Winnipeg dog-owners are upset that the City is considering proposals that would cut the Kilcona dog park in half.

The proposals include plans to add facilities for mountain biking and dragon boating. Critics say a proposed moat would affect an area near the parking lot used by dog owners.

“Don't cut it in half. The dogs aren't going to get any kind of a walk,” said Carrol Barrett, who says she uses the park all the time.

North Kildonan Councillor Jeff Browaty said he doesn't support cutting the park in half, but thinks there's room to designate areas for other activities.

“There are people that don't feel comfortable around dogs and we do need to make sure the park is accessible to others,” he said.

Kilcona Park is the city’s largest off-leash dog park. Donna Henry, president of the Kilcona Park Dog Club, said she's among the 3,000 dog-owners who visit the park each week.

“They closed Transcona last summer, so that means the people that went to that park are coming here now,” she said.

Club members are sending their concerns to the mayor and councillors. Browaty said the city will take these into consideration.