The long, extreme winter weather has left downtown Winnipeg in rough shape. City officials hope weather will cooperate to help crews working on the cleanup in time for the upcoming Junos on March 30, which is expected to draw thousands.

“We’re hoping the sun will shine this week a little bit more. It’s supposed to be (1 C), so it will be spruced up nicely to welcome guests,” said Kenny Boyce, events manager with the City of Winnipeg.

Dirty piles of snow, ice and litter can currently be seen on city streets in the downtown.

Some Manitobans who spoke to CTV News Monday said the cleanup is needed.

“To be honest, it’s pretty grimy,” said Preston Richard.

“I just wish that the snow was gone and our streets were a little bit better,” said Fiona Dekoning.

The city vows all of the snow and dirt will be swept away in time for the March 30 show.

"It's been a long, cold hard winter and we're trying our very best to make sure the city looks great,” said Boyce.

Nine years ago when Winnipeg last hosted the Junos, there was no snow to stress over.

Tourism Winnipeg said it is important downtown shines as bright as the stars on Sunday.

“We always want to make sure that we put our best foot forward to welcome our visitors and just make sure they feel welcome,” said Gillian Chester from Tourism Winnipeg.

Not everyone agrees.

“There are bigger issues than worrying about the superficial qualities of a city,” said resident Gabriel Peters.

“Pipes are frozen right now and in back alleys - people can't get into their garages so there are bigger fish to fry I would say,” said Peters.

Fiona Dekoning, meanwhile, calls the cleanup necessary but doubts the downtown will have an award-winning look when the curtain goes up Sunday.

“It will definitely help - I just think there is too much work to do,” said Dekoning.

The city said the Downtown Biz is also working with store owners to help spruce up downtown.